General terms and conditions of Sale


The Website accessed through the Url address is privately held by ALCOR STAR company. It is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 10,000.00 euros, registered in the Company and Trade Register of Paris with reference number 853 051 316, whose head office is located in 1 Rue d’Argentine 75116 Paris and whose VAT number is FR 50853051316.

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These general terms of sale apply, without restrictions or reservation, to all the reservations and/or purchases made by a Customer (as it is defined hereinafter) on the Website available on

The Site is edited by the Italian single shareholder compay Emporio ADV s.r.l whose head office is located in Vicolo Gorgo, 8 – I 33100 Udine – Italy. Phone number +39 0432546996.

These General Terms of Sale are applicable to room reservations and to all the supplementary services within the Hotel (The services) and they are in force on the date of the confirmation of the reservation on the Site. They cancel and replace any previous General Terms and Conditions of Sale online and / or accepted by the customer.

The reservation entails the full and unreserved acceptance of all the General Terms of Sale.

The customer declares :

  1. Having acquainted with the General Terms of Sale
  2. Possessing full legal capacity to bind himself to the present General Terms of Sale
  3. Making the reservation or all others purchases solely for personal requirements.




Capitalized terms used hereinafter have the meaning as reported below :

« Customer » refers to a natural person, above the age of 18, acting to satisfy her / his personal requirements and with the full capacity to commit himself / herself to these General Terms and Conditions.

« Terms and conditions of sale of the rate reserved » refers to the specific conditions of each reservation made by the Customer.

« Confirmation of reservation » refers to the document summarizing the details of the booking made by the Customer sent by the Website or by the Hotel to the Customer.

« Booking Request » refers to all requests for Hotel room reservation made by the Customer.

« Hotel » refers to Chalgrin Boutique Hotel, run by the simplified joint stock company ALCOR STAR with a capital of 10,000.00 euros, registered in the Company and Trade Register with reference number 853 051 316.

« Partners » refers to all service providers which have concluded a contract for the provision of services or a partnership agreement with the Hotel.

« Service » refers to any hotel room reservation and / or any supplementary services made by the Customer on the Hotel Website.

« Hotel Website » refers to the Website dedicated to the Customer and accessible and available on the Url address indicated in the opening statement.


1st clause : Reservation process


    1. 3.1.The reservation is considered to have been made upon validation of bank details.
    2. 3.2.The Customer may reserve, via the Site, a limited number of rooms per reservation for individual and personal requirements.  Please note that for all the reservations exceeding 3 (three) rooms, the Hotel reserves the right to apply special rate conditions and special payment and cancellation policies to the contracts in question. 
    3. 3.3.The Customer agrees, prior to any reservation, to complete the information requested in the Booking Request.
    4. 3.4.The Customer vouches for the veracity and accuracy of the transmitted information.
    5. 3.5.The reservation process includes the following stages :

Stage 1 : Selection of the button « Reserve now » on the Website homepage of,

Stage 2 : Opening of a secure page illustrating the offers available for the selected Hotel and the indicated date, offering to the Customers the possibility to modify any of the options previously selected (check-in and check-out date, number of rooms and / or people…),

Stage 3 : View and selection of one offer,

Stage 4 : Selection, where appropriate, of one or several complimentary services,

 Stage 5 : Verification of reservation details, of the total rate and its applicable terms and possible modification to the choices made,

Stage 6 : Customer provision of their contact details

 Stage 7 : Entering the Customer credit card details in the event of a guarantee or prepayment required,

Stage 8 : Viewing and accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and of the Privacy Policy and, where appropriate, the particular Terms and Conditions of Sale before reservation validation by the Customer 

Stage 9 : Reservation validation by the Customer

    1. 3.6.The Hotel acknowledges receipt of the Customer’s reservation by the immediate sendig of an e-mail to the e-mail address previously informed by the Customer summarizing the contract offer, the services booked, the rate, the terms of sale applicable to the rate selected, the date the booking was made.


2nd clause : Price 


2.1 Prices are quoted in euros. The price of each service is indicated inclusive of all taxes but city tax excluded, and details the VAT amount applicable to the service. Being specified that the amount of VAT is applicable on the rate on the booking date and any change on this amount will be reflected in the rates on the day of the final invoicing.

2.2 All prices are per room for the number of person (s) and date (s) selected.

Unless otherwise stated on the Site, supplementary services (breakfast, Hammam access…) are not included in the price and are displayed in a separate window.

2.3 City tax, also listed on the rate Web page, is to be paid directly on site without the Customer being able to raise any dispute.

2.4 The prices mentioned on the Site are subject to change at any time by the Hotel without information nor prior notice. Only the rate quoted in the confirmation e-mail is contractually binding. Depending on the type of reservation made, its total amount is payable on arrival at the Hotel.

2.5 The city tax is designated as the local municipal tax and it has to be paid in addition by the Customers on their check-out date. This tax daily applies on all the people above the age of 18 years. The amount of the city tax, as it is applied by administrative authorities, is subject to increases / reductions form the part of the Authority, such as any other taxes.

2.6 No stay reserved prior to the introduction of a promotional offer shall be subject to reimbursement, including partial.

2.7 On-site payments can be made in your own currency when used Visa or Mastercard card.


3rd clause : Terms of payment  


3.1 The Customer communicates his bank account information as a guarantee of the reservation, except in the event of special rates or conditions, by means of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro) by providing in the designated area (entry secured by SSL encryption) the credit card number with its expiry date (the card has to be valid during the stay dates) and security code. The Customer has to present himself at the Hotel presenting the credit card that allowed him to guarantee the reservation or to make the prepayment. The Hotel may ask the Customer to present proof of identity for the purpose of preventing credit card fraud.

3.2 The payment is debited at the Hotel during the stay, except in case of special conditions or rates where the payment is debited when booking (online prepayment on certain rates). This prepayment is defined as a deposit. In the case of a rate not prepaid online, the Hotel will ask the Customer upon arrival, a security deposit or the authorization to debit the credit card, in order to guarantee the payment of the sums corresponding to the services reserved and provided by the Hotel.

3.3 In the case of individual bookings, the Hotel accepts cash payments in euros only according to the limits fixed by French law or by credit card, whereas in the case of group bookings (more than three rooms) it is necessary to pay a deposit by bank transfer (tranfers costs fully borne by the Customer.)

3.4 The Hotel accepts the following credit cards : Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro.

3.5 In the case of no-show (reservation not cancelled – Customer not present in the Hotel) of a booking guaranteed with a credit card, the Hotel will charge the Customer, as a lump sum, of the entire stay amount on the credit card given as a guarantee, unless otherwise stated in the specific Terms of Sale. By booking, The Customer expressly authorizes the Hotel to proceed with the charge of the lump sum compensation.


4th clause : Booking confirmation 


4.1 The Hotel acknowledges receipt of the Customer’s reservation by the immediate sendig of an e-mail to the e-mail address previously informed containing the (i) corresponding confirmation number, (ii) the reservation summary and notably the reserved services, the service prices, the conditions of sale applicable to the rate selected and accepted by the Customer, (iii) the General Terms of Sale and, where necessary, information on after-sale services and the contact address to which claims may be submitted.

4.2 The reservation is deemed firm and final after receipt of the Booking Confirmation e-mail sent by the Hotel to the Customer.

4.3 The duration of the contract concluded between the Customer and the Hotel corresponds to the duration of the accommodation service established by the reservation.


5th clause : Cancellation policy 


 5.1 The Customer is reminded that, according to the article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, he does not have the right of withdrawal provided for in Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, since the services are provided at a certain date or at a determined period.

5.2 Customers are reminded that the conditions of sale of the fare booked and accepted by them, specify the terms and conditions for cancelling and / or modifying the booking.

5.3 Cancellation of a flexible rate booking 

In case of cancellation by the Customer of a reservation with a flexible rate less than 48 hours before the expected check-in date for any reasons, a sum corresponding to the total amount of the 1st night VAT included will automatically be acquired by the Hotel and invoiced to the Customer as damages, in compensation for the loss suffered, subject to any other conditions specified in the Booking Confirmation.

5.4 Cancellation of a non-refundable reservation

In case of cancellation by the Customer of a reservation with a non-refundable rate for any reasons, a sum corresponding to the 100 % of the prepaid amount will automatically be acquired by the Hotel, subject to any other conditions specified in the Booking Confirmation.

In case of interruption of the booked stay and early departure, the Customer is required to fulfill the payment corresponding to the night of the departure day. In the case of reservation with prepayment, no refund will be made.


6th clause : Right of withdrawal


6.1 The Right of withdrawal does not apply for for contracts relating to the provision of accomodation services, other than residential accomodation, the carriage of goods, car hire, restaurant or leisure activities that must be supplied on a date or at a specific time.

6.2 Customers are reminded that, in accordance with Article L. 221-28 paragraph 12 of the Consumer Code, the withdrawal right provided for in Article L. 221-18 of the abovementioned Consumer Code does not apply.


7th clause : Relocation – Force Majeure


7.1 In case of force majeure related to exceptional circumstances or Hotel technical problems rendering the Customer stay not possible, the Hotel will make every effort to find an alternative accommodation, if possible in a Hotel of the same or higher category. Eventual additional room charges will be covered by the Hotel, without it being possible to seek any additional compensation. In this case, the Customer may alternatively cancel his reservation, which will give rise to a refund.


8th clause : Stay at the Hotel


8.1 Pursuant to article R.814-1 of the Code for Entry and Residence of Foreigners, the Customer may be asked to complete a police form at the check-in time. In order to verify wheter the Customer is subject to this formality, a currently valid identity document is needed.

The pre-fulfillment of the form by the Hotel with the data the Customer has inserted in at the moment of the Website reservation, is already authorized by the Customer. The Customer is required to verify the accuracy of these information at the check-in time and to sign the abovementioned form. 

The Hotel also provides the online check-in service by sending an e-mail containing a link where to insert the mandatory data required by the Police and the consent to personal data processing.

8.2 At the time of check-in, a credit card as a guarantee of the stay will be required. It is required in order to guarantee eventual consumption and / or any damage caused to the room, together with any items missing from the room (the list below provides some examples but it is not exhaustive: hair dryer,  kettle, coffee machine, cup, bath robes, sheets and towels, equipment and forniture.)

8.3 Pets

Pets (dogs and cats) are welcome to the Hotel with a supplement of € 20.00 per stay. The Customer must mention the pet upon reserving his / her room.

Pets must be up-to-date with all the vaccinations and pet owners must therefore sign a declaration to be submitted at the check-in time or by e-mail along with the reservation confirmation.

No specific insurance cover is required but the pet owner is always responsible for the pet well-being, control and management. Furthermore, he is liable under both civil and criminal law, for damage or injury to persons, animals or things caused by the pet itself:

It is forbidden to leave unaccompanied pets in the room or leave them unattended when pet owners are outside the Hotel.

Entry is not allowed to aggressive pets and / or subjected to restrictive regulations with regard to the public safety, animals in heat, in the œstral or gestational phase. 

In the common areas, the leash will be mandatory and the Customer can choose personally if using or not using the muzzle, due to for the safety of others and of your loyal four-footed friends.

In order to ensure a comfortable stay, the Customer is asked to indicate if he travels with more than one animals and their size.

8.4 Children

Children must be supervised by their parents or by one responsible adult. The Customer is equally committed to ensure compliance with respect of the ambiance of the Hotel and all its areas by the chidren.

8.5 Wi-Fi and network access 

Wi-Fi is free for all the Customers. 

The Customer undertakes to ensure that the computer resources made available to him / her shall not be used in any way for the purposes of reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or by a related right, without previous authorization of the right holders protected by the Intellectual Property Code. The Customer shall indemnify at her / his own expense against any action and / or claim issued by a third party invoking an intellectual property violation and will bear all associated costs and damages.

8.6 Rules of good conduct

The Customer accepts and undertakes to use the room as a reasonable person. Thus for any behaviour that is contrary to accepted moral standards and rules of public policy, the Hotel will be able to ask the Customer to leave the establishment without any indemnity or reimbursement but the Customer will be required to pay to the Hotel the full price stated in the confirmation e-mail.

8.7 Security

Surveillance measure is arranged by the Hotel. The Reception and Hotel common areas video surveillance is set to assure the security of goods and people. Safes are avaiable for Customers in Hotel rooms.

It is yet recommended that the Customers exercise caution, particularly with regard to objects of great value.  It is recalled that safes are available in the Hotel rooms. It is recommended not to leave valuable objects lying around unobserved (especially in rooms and common areas.)

8.8 Damages

During the stay, the Customer is responsible for the room made at his / her disposal and its furniture.

In case of damage or undeclared deteriorations before Customer ‘s check-out, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the amount necessary for repairing and all the costs related with the impossibility of renting the room during this specific period of time.

8.9 Check-in and check-out time

The Hotel welcomes you 24/7.

Rooms are available from 03.00 pm and must be freed before 12.00 am.

Only upon request and subject to availability, in the event of departure after 12.00 am and before 06.00 pm, the amount of € 20.00 per hour will be charged. For check-out after 06.00 pm, the 30 % of the rate of the room on that specific day will be charged.

8.10 The Hotel is a completely non-smoking area. The Customer will be liable for direct and / or indirect damage resulting from the act of smoking in the Hotel. He will therefore have to to pay the amount corresponding to € 100.00 according to the extra cleaning.


9th clause : Modification of General Terms and Conditions of Sale


9.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale via the Internet might be modified and / or adapted at any time. Since the on-line publishing, the new version of General Terms of Sale will automatically apply to all the Customers.


10th clause: The liability of the Service Provider – Warranty


10.1 The Hotel provides a warranty against non-compliance or hidden defects deriving from a failure of performing of any of the services reserved and effectively paid according to the terms definied of the General Terms of Sale in force, in accordance with all legal provisions without any additional fee.

10.2 The Hotel Services provided on the Website undertake to respect the French legislation in force. The Hotel cannot assume liabilities for any non-conformance with the legislation of the Country where the Services are provided. It belongs to the Customer who is the only responsible for verifying the choice of the reserved Services.

10.3 The Hotel assumes no liability in the event of theft, loss, damage of Customer belongings during the stay.


11th clause : Personal Data


 11.1 In compliance with the « Data Protection Act » of 6 January 1978 subsequently modified with the implementation decree (UE) 2016/679 of the European Council of Ministers of 27 April 2016 with regard to the protection of individuals in terms of individual data processing and of free movement of such data (RGPD or GDPR) , the Customer benefits from the right of access, right of rectification, right to erasure (right to oblivion), right to object, right to limit treatment, right to data portability. The Customer is also able to define guidelines regarding the data retention, the data erasure, the communication of your personal data after your death.

 11.2 These data are processed by the Hotel and destinated to the Hotel and they might be transmitted to its Partners in charge of the reservation execution, of the booking processing, of the reservation payments along with the Customer stay.

 11.3 Furthermore, the Hotel may send the Customers newsletters, promotional offers, a guest satisfaction questionnaire following their stay.

 11.4 The processing of information provided by the Hotel Website has been the subject of a declaration to the NCIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty).

 11.5 The Customer has the right to amend, to rectificate, to object the information concerning his / her individual, in accordance with applicable National and Europeans regulations with regard to the permament right to access.

11.6 The aforementioned right may be excercised under the terms and conditions stated in the Hotel Website.

11.7 The personal data protection policy is available in the Privacy Policy section available on the Hotel Website.


12th clause : Applicable law – Mediation – Jurisdiction


12.1 The present General Terms of Sale are governed by French law. 

12.2 All claims related to non-performance or poor performance of the services of the Hotel must be reported by the Customer, under penalty of foreclosure, by registered letter with proof of receipt within fifteen days after the check-out date from the Hotel to:

  • The following postal address : Chalgrin Boutique Hotel, 1 Rue d’Argentine, 75016 Paris
  • The following e-mail address :

The Hotel shall make the best possible effort to process this claim and to reach a resolution that is in the best interests of both parties. 

12.3 Consumer Mediation

In the event of a dispute between the professional and the consumer, they will both strive to reach an amicable solution.

Failing amicable agreement, the Consumer has the right to have access, free of charge, to the mediation service proposed by the Hotel, namely the Mediation of Tourism and Travel, within 90 days from the initial written claim addressed to the Hotel.

The referral to the mediator must be made:

  • Either by completing the form provided for this purpose on the Tourism and Travel Mediation Website :
  • Or by post with the documents supporting the request to MTV TRAVEL, 17 AVENUE CARNOT 75017 PARIS.

12.4 Notwithstanding the preceding provisions, any difficulty relating to the interpretation, the execution and the validity of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Paris courts.

12.5 As a Consumer, you have the right of registering free of charge on the opposition list associated to cold calling on Bloctel /https : //


13th clause : General Provisions


13.1 The General Terms of Sale, including the Privacy Policy, the General Terms of Use of the Website and, where necessary, the particular conditions for certain offers, constitue the entirety of the contract concluded between the Customer and the Hotel regarding his reservation on the Websites and shall cancel any other previous previous General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

13.2 In case one of the stipulations of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale is declared wholly or partly null and void, regardless the cause, all other provisions remain in full force and effect.

13.3 The French version of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale will prevail over any different linguistic versions.